things made by Marcus


Most things are made in, and often for, Lua. Some things are related to the LÖVE game framework.


Hot Particles (download, repository)
- competent particle editor for LÖVE.

MyHappyList (download, thread)
- simple AniDB MyList manager.

Libraries / Command Line Tools

LuaPreprocess (repository)
- small and straightforward Lua preprocessor with simple syntax.

LuaWebGen (download, repository)
- static website generator, allowing full or partial pages to be generated using embedded Lua code.

- hot-load any file in LÖVE or using LuaFileSystem.

DumbLuaParser (download, repository)
- Lua code parser, for tokenizing, creating ASTs, and turning everything back into code.

ReFreezed Bitmap Font converter (download, thread)
- custom bitmap font to BMFont converter.

- wrapper for Squish, for minimizing Lua code.


- statically typed programming language with compile-time execution, that compiles to Lua.

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