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These are remixes and covers of music from games, Newgrounds, and more.

Coldplay - Clocks (ReFreezed Remix)
Crash Bandicoot - Boulders (ReFreezed's Age of the Boulders Remix)
Crash Bandicoot - Boulders (ReFreezed Remix)
Doom - E1M2 (ReFreezed Remix)
Doom - E2M8 (ReFreezed's Hive of the Cyber Demon Remix)
Europe - The Final Countdown (ReFreezed Remix)
Franz Liszt - Liebestraum No. 3 (ReFreezed's Xmas Remix)
Hania - No Words (ReFreezed's No Words At All Remix)
Iosif Ivanovici - Waves of the Danube (ReFreezed Remix)
Johann Pachelbel - Canon (ReFreezed Remix)
Johann Sebastian Bach - Minuet in G minor (ReFreezed Remix)
Kirby's Adventure - Butter Building (ReFreezed Remix)
Ludwig van Beethoven - Für Elise (ReFreezed Remix)
Mortal Kombat - Theme Song (ReFreezed's Fight! Remix)
Super Mario Bros. - Underworld (ReFreezed's Underground Lookout Remix)
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Overworld (ReFreezed Remix)
Super Mario World - Bowser's Castle (ReFreezed's Castle of Bowser Remix)
Super Mario World - Ghost House (ReFreezed Remix)
TimeSplitters - Alien Tileset (ReFreezed's Aliens and UFOs Remix)
TimeSplitters - Spaceport (ReFreezed Remix)
Underworld - Born Slippy .NUXX (ReFreezed Remix)
WritersBlock - After the Fallout (ReFreezed Remix)
Xarnor - Moonlight Choir (ReFreezed's Moonlight Cathedral Remix)

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